Who does this apply to?

  • Adventure/travel companies

  • Outdoor recreation programs

  • Musicians

  • Chefs or restaurants

  • School’s

  • Outdoor Clubs and Organizations

  • Anyone looking to offer their clients or organization members a unique trip

How it works:

Your an individual, A company or organization that has a client base. You may offer any one of our trips to your clients (Big Johns 4 day Santa Elena elc) and assume responsibility as the Trip Organizer. We communicate with Trip Organizer to establish an itinerary that will fit the specific needs of your trip(if any). All charter trips are run exactly like our guided trips. You are still staffed with guides that are taking care of everything, it just has the flexibility to cater towards your specific group.

How does it benefit you?

Charter trips can benefit many people in various ways. weather your looking to offer something new and unique to your client’s or organization members or trying to find a unique marketing opportunity. A trip in Big Bend can can be a wonderful option.

What we need for a charter.

  • All Trip Organizers get there option of 15% off total sale of the trip or 15% profit.

  • Charter Trips require an additional $100 per person on top of standard trip fee.

  • All charter trips have a minimum of 9 people (Trip Organizer not included in number of participants)

  • A 50% deposit is required on establishment of trip

  • Minimum of 30 days notice before trip dates

  • Minimum of at least a 2 day trip

  • Custom price may be available for charters

Tips for getting the most out of your charter trip:

  • Give yourself plenty of time to organize trip participants and take advantage of the marketing opportunities that are associated with offering an awesome trip.

    (some will book these trips a year in advance to insure plenty of time for planning)

  • Give your trip a purpose. Work with Wild Adventure Outfitters to create something that it relevant and special to your group.