Wild Adventure Outfitters is a company based out of the far West Texas town of Terlingua. We specialize in adventures and wilderness travel in the wild places we call home. 

Who we are

Wild Adventure Outfitters is inspired by a love for good, old-fashioned adventure and the desire to share that. We believe that a wilderness experience should feel… WILD. As the commercial outdoor industry moves towards taming adventure travel with everything from gourmet chefs to constant telephone communication, Wild specializes in experiences that are true to the places we travel to and through. We believe that we’ve found a healthy and sustainable way to make a trip comfortable and safe without compromising why we seek wild places to begin with.

What we do

We create and foster adventures with a strong emphasis on education and conservation. Our guided trips give you the tools and support that you need to get the most out of your personal adventures with us. We offer trips that encourage participation from all members of the team and allow skill levels to be challenged and overcome. In short, we do the best job possible as we travel these wonderful places together and we hope that your desire to seek wild places only grows.

“We’ve found the corners that were spared and have hidden in them as much as we could. Not to escape from but to escape to: not to forget but to remember. We’ve been learning to take care of ourselves in places where it really matters.” –Terry Russell